Books I’m Loving

Books I’m Loving

books (2)A few of the book that I’m in love with right now. Of course I bought a hard cover edition of Prince Lestat the day it came out because I’m a huge Anne Rice Fan. I’ve read it twice and will probably go back to it again and again. I also have The Breath of God by Jeffery Small which is a potent mix of history and fiction, exploring the possibility that Jesus may have traveled to India during his “lost years”. Also, I have In The Woods by Tana French. It’s a thriller about a group of children who go missing and when they are found they have no memory of what has happened. Flash forward twenty years and appears something nefarious is happening yet again and it is up to a detective, with a secret, to get to the bottom of it once and for all.I’ve had it on my shelf for a while but just recently finished it.

I wanted to throw this up really quick in case you were looking for something new and interesting to add to your reading list.

Happy summer reading!


You Want Me to Give My Book Away? For Free???

You Want Me to Give My Book Away? For Free???

As a new author I struggled with the concept of giving my novel, Six Points of Light, away for free although it seems to be the general consensus that I should. I worked for over a year putting my story on paper. Endless rewrites and edits and not one, not two, but THREE different covers and then finally, it was ready! And I’m supposed to just give it away??

YES. Give it away. The truth of the matter is that no one knows who I am. No one. And as happy as I am to have my friends and family give me their “unbiased” opinions, I want and need a larger audience. So the question of giving my work away for free arose and I had to ask myself, “Am I writing for love or money?”.

The truth is that I am beginning my career as a writer with a passion for YA fiction and I wrote a story that I loved and that I thought people would enjoy. I didn’t think about whether it  would be profitable on the first go round, but I do hope to be able to make a living one day. I did not give Six Points of Light away for free in the beginning. I put it up on Amazon for $2.99, started a Facebook page and a Twitter and waited to see what would happen. I sold a few copies and got some good reviews but after the first few weeks, things ground to a halt.

I had to sit down and figure out what my goals were and make a plan to reach those goals. Just writing a book and throwing it into the ether wasn’t working (uh…duh). So I decided to beef up my social media presence. I tweeted more, Re-tweeting and following any author or publisher I could find and then engaging my new network on a regular basis. I also decided that for now, my goal was to put my book in the hands of as many people as possible. I set up a promotion on Amazon and gave my book away for free. I let my Twitter followers know and the support has been amazing.

I have had over 150 downloads in the last 24 hours. That’s 150 people who are willing to take a chance on me. That was my dream as a writer, to share my stories with as many people as possible and build a network of like-minded people. I think I’m off to a pretty good start.

The premise of giving your book away can seem like a hurdle if your goal is to make money right off the bat. I think for most writers, that is just not reality. A slow, steady climb to the ranks of “I write for a living” is what I’m expecting and giving my book away is helping me achieve that goal.

Are Amazon *Really* Paying Authors Per Page Read? No. No, They’re Not. [Pause] Well…

Are Amazon *Really* Paying Authors Per Page Read? No. No, They’re Not. [Pause] Well…

A very straightforward explanation of the changes to KDP.


I understand how the internet works. I know what click bait is. If I click on a headline like She Used a Pen To Open an Envelope. You Won’t Believe What Happened Next… or His Dog Pooped In His Shoe and the Shoe’s Reaction was PERFECT, I agree that I’ve no one to blame but myself. But headlines about Amazon paying self-published authors per page read has my blood pressure spiking.

They’re inaccurate because they’re out of context. The truth is buried in the posts themselves no sooner than five or six paragraphs down, but people don’t seem to be reading that far based on the tweets I’ve seen in my stream. And as for people outside the self-publishing world – well, they seem to be missing the whole point of it altogether.

Now, it’s been a while since I wrote a nuts-and-bolts post about a self-publishing thing but [rolls up shirtsleeves, takes…

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Six Points of Light by Kalynn Bayron available now on Amazon

Six Points of Light by Kalynn Bayron available now on Amazon

St. Catherine’s is a place for misfits, for the forgotten, and it is also the only home James Cook has ever known. Abandoned on the front steps as an infant, James is raised by Sister Maddie who loves him like the mother he never knew. Growing up at St. Catherine’s, James battles one illness after another, and spends most of his time in the infirmary.
One night, a young boy is delivered to St. Catherine’s in the arms of his distraught mother. The boy, Peter, is mischievous and James tries his hardest to stay as far away from him, and his band of merry followers, as possible. The younger boys at St. Catherine’s are drawn to the charismatic Peter, but James, being older and in his humble opinion, wiser, is not recruited so easily.
As the two become more closely acquainted, Peter reveals to James that he has a secret. This secret will turn James’ life upside down and set he and Peter on a collision course with destiny in that far of place known to children and dreamers…Neverland.
Before he was Captain Hook, he was simply James Cook, and as it turns out, he was not such a dastardly villain after all.
Join some of the most beloved characters in literature as their roots are laid bare and the truth of their humble beginnings is revealed.

SPOL cover2

Only $.99 (eBook edition) on Amazon for a limited time

Copyright 2015 Kalynn Bayron All right reserved.

Revisions of Six Points of Light are going live!

Revisions of Six Points of Light are going live!

I recently put my YA novel, Six Points of Light, through another round of edits and I think it’s as polished as it’s going to get before I can get a professional editor to look at it. My Kickstarter campaign is up and running to try and get the edit funded.

Self-publishing doesn’t necessarily mean “forever alone”. It does mean keeping your circle small and staying true to who you are as a writer. If your goal is to stay out of traditional publishing all together there has never been a better time to do it. If your goal is to be traditionally published, there has never been a better time to use self-publishing as a platform to get yourself noticed. Whatever our individual goals may be, we need to support each other in our endeavors. This is such an exciting time!

I am so proud and scared and worried and thrilled that my story is out and ready for people to see it. I have worked so hard putting it together. I owe it to myself and to my dad to put it out there. The journey through the indie-publishing process has been crazy and I am still learning.

If you’d like to see what all of this work has amounted to please go to ANNNNNND oh my God! As I am writing this I opened my browser to get the link and I see that my book is #56 on the Amazon Children’s Pirate Action Adventure Best Seller List!!!! What???? I’m literally jumping around as I’m typing this! Ha!

What an amazing surprise! I’m so happy about this! Thank you to anyone who bought the book or downloaded a sample! Here’s to us!

Amazon Rank (1)ebook cover spol COPY