I am a huge fan of the thrift store. To quote Macklemore “Savin’ my money and I’m hella happy that’s a bargain.” Okay, don’t judge my quotebles. My point is that as a book lover and an author I find myself searching the shelves of my local Salvation Army, Goodwill, and antique stores for great reads or titles I want to add to my collection. This week I struck gold!


I found a vintage copy of Interview With the Vampire. If you know me you know I love Anne Rice and I buy her books anytime I see them. I have multiple copies of Interview from different print runs. This haul included not only Interview but also a copy of The Vampire Lestat and The Vampire Armand. Score!

I also found the first three Harry Potter books by JK Rowling. When I tell you that these things are hard to find on a thrift budget, I’m not kidding. I picked up books 4 and 7 about two weeks ago at the Salvation Army for a buck each and almost lost my mind. (Just FYI I have the whole collection in paperback that I purchased from B&N. I contributed to the author as any fan should and now I enjoy “rescuing” copies from the thrift store.)

A bonus find (for me anyway) was the addition of two Twilight Saga books, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I know, I know. Some people see it as sacrilege considering how much I love Anne Rice. Let me just say that I feel as if the only thing the two series have in common is the word “vampire”. That’s it. I enjoy both series for vastly different reasons and I think both authors would agree that you can love them both. Bam.

Finally, I picked up a copy of Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. I have always been fascinated with the Geisha culture. I find it intensely interesting and I have read Geisha of Gion by Mineko Iwasaki whom Arthur Golden interviewed for his book. I haven’t seen the movie based on Golden’s book or read the book itself so I am curious.

All in all I think I racked up and I cant wait to see what treasures I find next week!


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