On completion of your edit, will my manuscript be ready for publication?

On completion of your edit, will my manuscript be ready for publication?

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I was asked this question by a prospective client recently, and it seemed like a good opportunity to share the answer with the wider world.
So, if you send your novel or non-fiction book.article or chapter to your editor for copyediting (fiction writers might know this as line editing), is it going to be ready for publication once they have gone through it?
Well, to be honest, probably not. What you will receive from your editor is a document marked up with suggested changes and comments. You will need to go through all of these and undoubtedly action some comments or questions that they’ve given.

Going through your editor’s comments

Once your editor has gone through your document, it will come back with a range of different comments and suggestions.
To break these down, they might include all of some of the following:
  • Vital textual changes – you will need…

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BEAUTY: HASK Argan Oil Hair Care Products

BEAUTY: HASK Argan Oil Hair Care Products

Love it!

Sustainable Daisy | Recycled, Upcycled, Eco Fashion

argan oil hair care products HASK eco beauty ecobeauty sustainable picture

argan oil hair care products HASK eco beauty ecobeauty sustainable pictureArgan oil is making big strides in the beauty world. What was seen as a simple Moroccan nut oil is now praised by wide-eyed beauty gurus who have learned of its magical anti-aging properties.

Primarily grown in south Morocco, argan oil is extracted from seeds of argan fruit trees. These trees have deep roots that hold soil in place, decreasing erosion and gusts of dust. Their canopy offers shade and resources for desert critters in otherwise strenuous environmental conditions. However, forests like the Moroccan Biosphere Reserve are under great threat of deforestation due to people cutting down argan trees for firewood (source).

Due to a wonderful shift of self-care must-haves, the new found value of argan oil has made argan trees symbols of prosperity, resulting in better sustained forests.

The demand of argan oil, has allowed people view argan trees in a powerfully positive light. This has helped sustain the environment…

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Been busy, exciting things are happening!

Been busy, exciting things are happening!

I’ve been super busy with revisions of my manuscript. I have been picked up by Booktrope (check them out HERE) and they are going to re-release Six Points of Light: Hook’s Origin sometime in January if everything goes to plan. New edits, new cover, my team is amazing and I’m so excited! I am also 95% done with my first draft of the follow up novel to Six Points of Light.

I appreciate all of the support I have received from my fellow authors, family and friends. The main thing I’m taking away from all of this is that so many things are possible when you put your head down, put in the work and chase your dreams like a zombie chasing brains. For real ya’ll. I wonder what would have happened if I had had this mindset a few years ago, but everything in it’s own time right? If there is something you want to do. Do it. And don’t let anyone tell you can’t. Period. Especially in the world of writing where it seems you’re never good enough or popular enough, or your themes are too different or not different enough. Cut out all of that chatter and do what your heart is telling you to do. It’s what you were made to do.

I love to support my network, so follow me over on Twitter @KalynnBayron, I will follow back. Need a beta reader? Message me and I’ll let you know if I can help out. Need anything else in support of your book/author page/WIP, let me know! I’m here for ya’!

Now, it’s time to go track down some pumpkin scones because Starbucks was slacking this morning!