Taking Advantage of Fiverr

Taking Advantage of Fiverr

As an indie author I’m long on creativity and short on dolla dolla bills ya’ll. I’m a mom of four and I can’t justify spending exorbitant amounts of money on certain things at this point in my budding writing career. I hold a certification in Graphic Design which has helped tremendously when it comes to cover design but there are some things I just cannot do all by my lonesome. (Que sappy violin music)

For my novel Six Points of Light:Hook’s Origin, I designed the cover (eBook and print versions), but I wanted a coll 3D image to put on my website and on other promotional materials. My 3D rendering skills were lacking, so I hopped on Fiverr and got these wonderful covers for 5 bucks.



I think sometimes in our attempt to remain truly independent as writers, we shun things that that could help us. A helping hand is welcome as long as that hand isn’t trying to assert some kind of creative control over our work. Fiverr has a mountain of services available from cover design to illustrations for books in every genre.

Shout out to all of the talented people of Fiverr!