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St. Catherine’s is a place for misfits, for the forgotten, and it is also the only home James Cook has ever known. Abandoned on the front steps as an infant, James is raised by Sister Maddie who loves him like the mother he never knew. Growing up at St. Catherine’s, James battles one illness after another, and spends most of his time in the infirmary. One night, a young boy is delivered to St. Catherine’s in the arms of his distraught mother. The boy, Peter, is mischievous and James tries his hardest to stay as far away from him, and his band of merry followers, as possible. The younger boys at St. Catherine’s are drawn to the charismatic Peter, but James, being older and in his humble opinion, wiser, is not recruited so easily. As the two become more closely acquainted, Peter reveals to James that he has a secret. This secret will turn James’ life upside down and set he and Peter on a collision course with destiny in that far of place known to children and dreamers…Neverland.

Before he was Captain Hook, he was simply James Cook, and as it turns out, he was not such a dastardly villain after all. Join some of the most beloved characters in literature as their roots are laid bare and the truth of their humble beginnings is revealed.

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Quinn Santos is a hardworking young woman with a mysterious past and an uncertain future. Her life is predictable and she wonders how much longer she can simply “go with flow”. Her world is turned on its head when a young man shows up at her job one evening. His dashing good looks and perfect smile are hiding something that will change Quinn’s life forever and put her on a dangerous path to discover her own origins.
In a world where the supply of vampire-compatible blood is running dangerously low, Quinn and her mysterious stranger must put the puzzle together without arousing the suspicions of the shadowy faction known simply as The Council.

The Zero Antigen Theorem is a work of short fiction. It is meant to be enjoyed they way you would enjoy a good TV show, with each book representing an “episode”.

Copyright 2015 Kalynn Bayron All rights reserved.


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